Best Bartender Apps For Android & iOS 2020

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In this post, I have listed the best bartender apps that you can try on your Android & iOS devices – featuring thousands of cocktail drink recipes

Well, I don't work as a professional bartender. And I am sure those who are reading this also do not possess expertise in this profession. So, my dear rookie bartender, in this post, I have shared a list of best bartender apps featuring all sorts of drink recipes that you can learn and start crafting  – as long as you have the ingredients. These apps are available for free – of course, you would not get the license – but, these apps will surely help you learn awesome drink recipes that you can craft any time you want. So let's not waste any time and check out the best bartender app.

Best Bartender Apps For Android & iPhone iOS –

Following is the list of bartender apps available for free to download from Google Play Store and iOS App Store: –

My Bar

Best Bartender Apps Android iPhone iOSThe first in our list is the app named My Bar. It has all sorts of features that you would like to be present in the best bartender app. The UI is pretty clean. There are two main screens; ingredients and cocktails. In the ingredients menu, you will see the current stock of ingredients that determines what cocktails you can craft. It has two main tabs; my bar shelf(here you see the current stock), manage bar shelf(here you can check the items that you have available to make cocktails).

The cocktail menu also has two main tabs; My Cocktails(here you see the list of cocktails that you can make using the items in the "my bar shelf" tab), All Cocktails(here you see the organized list of cocktails). You can filter it by soft, long, shooters, non-alcoholic, moderately strong, official, etc.).

How To Use This Bartender App: –

  • Adding the ingredients – you can add the ingredients from "manage bar shelf". This tab displays all the ingredients used in making cocktails. When you check the ingredient, it will show up in the "my bar shelf" tab.
  • My Cocktails – once you have added the ingredients that are available to you, go to the "my cocktails" tab and it will show you the list of all cocktails that you can make with those ingredients

You can always check all the cocktails list and ingredients required for them in the "all cocktails" tab.

  • Best Bartender App for Android
  • Size of the app – 10 MB
  • Download from Google Play Store
  • Extra functions – the ability to create ingredients, drink recipes as notes

Cocktails & Drink Recipes

Best Bartender Apps Android iPhone iOSIt is a simple Bartender app available on Google Play Store. The basic functions such as category view, search, ingredients list, etc. are there. The UI is pretty nice. As you open the app, you will see six different options; all drinks, by category, popular drinks, by ingredients, my favorites, and the last one is for feedback. When you tap a drink recipe, it will show you the ingredients required for it and the procedure you need to follow to craft the selected drink recipe. Pretty straightforward.

Mixel Bartender App

Best Bartender Apps Android iPhone iOSMixel is another great bartender app available on Android & iOS platforms. It has three main screens; Bar Mixel(here you see the ingredient list, the search function is there to find the ingredient), main screen(here you see the selected ingredients; on shelves and fridge), and the last one belonging to the recipes; here you see all the recipes. You can sort the recipes by ingredients match, flavor, group, etc. Tap any recipe and you will get the details; required ingredient, procedure info, taste info, etc.

Cocktails Art – Mixology Recipes

This bartender app features free recipes, as well as some premium recipes. There are four main tabs in the footer menu; search(you can search cocktails by ingredient, taste, size, color), favorite(the cocktails that you loved are displayed in this tab), discover(recipe by genres, categories, events), my bar(list of ingredients). It's easy to use, features a decent number of free recipes with detailed information.

Drink & Cocktail Recipes

Best Bartender Apps Android iPhone iOSIf you are on Android, try this bartender app that features over 8K drink recipes with detailed info of ingredients and procedures to make them. There are three main tabs in the footer menu; all drinks – here you can see the drinks of all sorts, categories – here you can filter the drink recipes by category, ingredients – here you can select the ingredient and find the recipe that requires it. It's a quite simple app with easy-to-use functions.


Tattersall is another great bartender app – it does not give much info on the ingredients – but, you will find lots of classic drink recipes; Aquavit. Brandy, Gin, Cordial/Liqueur, Rum, Tequila/Mezcal, Vodka, Whiskey. You can search by difficulty, occasion. Also, it has instructional videos.

So these are the best bartender apps available on Android & iOS platforms. Missing any great bartender app? Comment below.

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