Best Animation Maker Apps For Android & iOS 2020

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If you are looking for an app which can help you make animated videos on Android & iOS, then you should check out the best animation maker apps for Android & iOS

Making animated videos is not as easy as it seems. You need creativity, ideas, experience, and a good app where you can put all your stuff. In today's post, we have listed the best Animation Maker apps for Android & iOS 2020 that can help you make short & simple animated videos.

For those who are looking for apps that can help make anime videos, then we do not recommend using these apps. Making anime is not a simple task and it's nearly impossible on mobile devices.

The majority of anime makers use Retas Studio Suite to make anime videos or episodes. It's quite popular software in Japan. On mobile animation maker apps, you would not get advanced functions – but these apps have the potential to make good work. So without further ado, let's head to the main content and take a look at our top best animation maker apps for Android & iOS 2020.

Best Animation Maker Apps For Android & iOS 2020: –

We have listed the apps by rank – from the best ones at the top to the bottom ones, which are OK-type.

FlipaClip: Cartoon Animation Maker

Best Animation Maker Apps For Android & iOSThis is the app that we use the most to make animated videos. It's a freemium app that you download from the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. You will be able to make good-quality animated videos with this app once you master all of its features. It might be confusing in the very beginning – as a beginner, we also suggest watching tutorials on YouTube. This app has the potential to make good quality animated videos.

You can make characters, add voice, create scenes, and there are many features that you are gonna love. Again, the app is good – but the anime maker should also be good. So the first thing to do is get familiar with the basic functions of the app and keep practicing. We have seen many YouTubers who created awesome anime videos using the FlipaClip app. It's all about the app mastery.

For more info, you can read our FlipaClip Review Here.

  • Download FlipaClip – Here(Google Play Store).
  • Download FlipaClip – Here(iOS).

PicsArt Animator

Best Animation Maker Apps For Android & iOSPicsArt Animator is another great app – among the best animation maker apps for Android & iOS. Well, it's not good for those who want to make long animated videos. But it does a good job when it comes to creating short animations. You get to draw by frame-by-frame – in each frame, you can add something intersting to animate.

Also, a lot of sketching tools are available that you can use to make an animated video on your Android & iOS devices. And, the best thing is it's free and does not contain any ads. Although there are some premium features that you may want to unlock – for these premium functions of this animation maker app, you will need to spend real money. We do not encourage you to buy the premium functions – it's totally up to the user whether he/she needs those premium functions or not.

You can export the animation as a video or GIF. PicsArt was released on December 22, 2016, and has surpassed over 5 million downloads on Google Play Store.

In our experience, this app is not better than FlipaClip. Our first choice is FlipaClip.

Toontastic 3D – Animate Cartoon

Best Animation Maker Apps For Android & iOSThis app is designed for kids to make animated cartoons. You can choose the characters that you want to be in the scene and create stories. Customization options are not available – like FlipaClip. But it's a pretty good app for the kids who want to make animated videos, movies, stories on Android & iOS.

Prisma 3D

Best Animation Maker Apps For Android & iOSPrisma 3D is another one of the best animation maker apps for Android & iOS. It lets you create 3D models and you can animate them. As a learner or new to the animation field, the Prisma 3D app would be a good app to try out on mobile. It has the potential to create 3D characters, objects, and animate them; moving, running, etc. You can build building models, objects, characters, and much more in this mobile app.

Although, this is not a beginner-friendly app. So we recommend watching the video tutorials on YouTube to learn the basics.

Creative Movie Maker for Kids

Animation Maker AppsThis app is like Toontastic – but with different characters, scenes. It is specially designed for the kids to make cartoon movies on mobile. If you are looking for a Toontastic alternative, then this app would be a good choice.

So this would be all in this post on Best Animation Maker Apps for Android & iOS 2020. Do you know more apps that make animated videos? Please mention in the comment section below.

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