Best Apps To Hide Apps For Android & iPhone 2020

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Do you want to hide apps on your Android or iOS iPhone? Read on for the best apps to hide apps for Android & iPhone 2020 that can help you. There could be many reasons for hiding apps on Android or iPhone – for example – if you don't want others to see Whatsapp or any other messaging app so that they can not sneak into your private chats or you may want to hide some office apps like Google Spreadsheet, Docs, etc.

Since Android does not have this function to hide apps, that does not mean that it's impossible to hide apps on Android & iOS iPhone. Several apps are available for free on Google Play Store and iOS App Store that can help you hide apps. In today's post, we have shared all the best apps to hide apps for Android & iPhone 2020. So without further ado, let's head to the main content.

Nova Launcher – Hide Apps

Best Apps To Hide Apps For Android iOS iPhoneIf you don't mind switching from the default launcher to Nova Launcher, then you can easily hide apps in Android from the home screen. In my experience, Nova Launcher is the best app to hide apps on Android. It's developed by TeslaCoil and available on Google Play Store. So head to the Google Play Store and search for Nova Launcher.

Install Nova Launcher. Once installed, go to Nova Launcher settings. In the settings, on the upper-right corner -> search for hide apps keyword. Hide Apps function can also be accessed directly from Nova Settings -> App drawer -> scroll down to the apps section -> Hide apps -> select the apps that you want to hide. That's it. Go to the home screen and you will find the selected app hidden from the home screen.

Keep in mind that the app will only be hidden when you use Nova Launcher. So set it as the default launcher on your Android device; whether it's Mi, OnePlus, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Real Me, LG, Huwai, Sony, Nokia, Lenovo, HTC, Motorola, etc.  – this trick is gonna work.

The only problem is there is a search bar that in the home screen that displays all the apps – so if someone types the keyword linked to the hidden app, it's gonna show up. I am using this method to hide apps on Android – it's simple, does not require root. Unfortunately, the Nova Launcher app is not available on iPhone /iOS.

Custome Folder & Settings – Hide Apps In iOS iPhone

Best Apps To Hide Apps For Android iOS iPhoneOn my iOS iPhone XS Max, I use this trick to hide apps from home screen – all you need to do is create an app folder on the home screen. You can do it by tapping, holding an app and dragging it over another app. This will create a folder on your screen. By default, there would be an apps folder with voice memos, compass, calculator, measure, podcasts, apple store, watch, etc.

In a folder, there could be several pages and at each page, six apps can be deployed. And, for the seventh app, it will create a second page. So add over 6 apps on a folder on home screen -> then, add the 7th app that you want to hide and it will appear on the second page. When you go back to the home screen, it will only show you the first 6 apps on the first page of the folder.

Another thing you need to do is go to the iPhone settings app -> Siri & Search -> select the apps that you want to hide from Siri & Search function of iOS iPhone -> disable all the search options so that it stops appearing.

Now, these are the two default options to hide apps on Android & iPhone /iOS – which does not require any third-party app. If you are not satisfied with these tricks, then let's take a look at the best apps to hide apps for Android & iOS iPhone 2020.

App Hider – Hide Apps

Best Apps To Hide Apps For Android iOS iPhoneIt is a light size app with freemium options – it contains ads and IAPs. This app is quite risky – so be careful. What this app does is clone the app that you want to hide and import it in itself. And, to complete the hiding process, you will have to uninstall the original app, which is on the home screen. So basically it copies the original app in itself like a parallel world for the app and asks you uninstall the original app.

It does not import the app data – so you are gonna lose the stuff/data if you want to hide. I used this app on my OnePlus 7 and tried hiding the app called Adorable Home(app, game). I lost all the progress after uninstalling the original app from my device. After that, I tried playing the app in this app which I cloned earlier and it was working well.

So I don't recommend this app to hide apps if you don't want to lose the app data. Although, if you don't mind losing all the app data, then this app gonna be the best option for you to hide apps for Android.

Unfortunately, this app is not available on the iOS App Store.

As I said above, I am using the Nova Launcher app to hide apps and also recommend this app to hide apps for Android. And, on iOS, there is no 3rd party app that gives you the option to completely hide apps from iPhone Home Screen. So use the folder method that I have explained above. And, for those Android users, who don't mind losing the app data, they can try the App Hider app.

If you know more apps to hide apps for Android or iOS iPhone 2020, please comment below.

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