Comics And Cartoon Maker App Review – Cartoon Yourself And Make Comics On Mobile?

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Comics And Cartoon Maker is an Android app that allows the users to cartoon their pictures and use them in making comics on mobile

Game Brain released comics and cartoon maker app in March 2018. The app, so far, has accumulated over 5 million downloads on Google Play Store. In this post, I will give you an overview of the comics and cartoon maker app. It's listed in one of the best photo to cartoon apps on our website. The app helps you make comics with the custom photos in the gallery or turn your pictures into the cartoon. So let's not waste any time and head to the main content.

Comics And Cartoon Maker App Reviewcomics and cartoon maker app review

Speaking of the app, it is easy to use and beginner-friendly. When you launch this app for the first time, you will see three options on your screen; gallery, camera, and multi. With the help of gallery function, you can pick the pictures from the gallery and turn them into sketches or cartoons – there are lots of effects available for free to use.

With the help of camera function, you can click the picture in real-time and turn it into the cartoon or comic sketch, etc. And, the last option is multi that allows you to make or create the comic on mobile in picture and PDF format. All you need to do is choose a comic-style – based on the number of scenes or your comic story.

Comics and Cartoon Maker app also allows you to freely draw on the picture, add messages on the picture like you see in the comics; bubble messages. Also, it lets you add the stickers; hundreds of stickers are available for free to use.

Once you are all done, you can save the picture or comic in the mobile gallery.

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I would rate this app 4/5 stars. Sometimes it crashes – I tested it on Android 10. Other than that, this app works flawlessly and you should give it a shot if you want to cartoon yourself or make comics on mobile. You can create comics, turn the normal photo into a cartoon, comic sketch and there are a variety of other effects also available.

Speaking of monetization, this app has ads and IAPs. You can remove the ads and get more filters by spending real money. And, it's not more than $2. Pretty cheap as compared to other apps in a similar genre.

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So this would be all in this post on Comics and Cartoon Maker app review. Have you tried this app? Share your opinion in the comment section below and let other readers know what you think about this app.

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