FlipaClip App Review – The Best Animation Maker App For Mobile?

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FlipaClip is a popular freemium app for Android and iOS by Visual Blasters LLC. Read on for FlipaClip: Cartoon Animation Review – the best app for animation makers?

FlipaClip AppFlipaClip is the top-rated animation app available for free on Android and iOS. Users can download it from the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Well, not all the features are available for free – there are some premium features that you may need to create a beautiful animated movie. And, for these premium features, you will have to spend real money. Does it worth? Let's find out in this FlipaClip: Cartoon Animation app review!

FlipaClip: Cartoon Animation App –

FlipaClip: Cartoon Animation is a simple mobile app – it's beginner-friendly and as you keep practicing with its features, tools and all the premium functions, you will be able to create pro-style animations! Well, this is the only app with clean UI and easy to use functions. After you open the app, you will see two tabs; projects and movies.

In the project tab, you can watch the two default animated movies; Flour Sack and ball and Squirrel. Both these projects are made in the app and available by default.

If you want to create a new project, tap the + button and name your project, set background, choose canvas size(YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, etc. or custom size), and frame per second. Frame Per Second – it means the number of frames you need to draw in the FlipaClip app for making 1 second of animation video.

Backgrounds In FlipaClip App: –

The best thing is you get to choose own background from the mobile gallery. Also, it provides the plane and some old school type backgrounds for free. So you are free to choose the background. Your background determines the scene – for example – it could be a bridge, playground, high school, river, forest, bar, etc.

Or choose a black pattern and color it white to create own background.

Creating Animated Videos In The App –

Well, the app has all the essential tools to make an animated video. First, you create the frames – each frame with the different scenes (based on what you are trying to make). After creating all frames, hit the play button and boom! FlipaClip app will compile all the frames and make it like a video.

For starters, practice with the pen tool; use the pencil, pen to create characters or scenes on the board. Tap the ruler button at the top-left corner to start drawing shapes; circle, square, line, etc.

Once you are all done with the frames, check the video, tap the menu button in the top-right corner and choose to make a movie. You can save it as MP4, GIF, PNG, in mobile for free. Although, the app will put a watermark on it. You can remove it by spending real money.

The Premium Features: –

  • Audio – you can add own audio in the animated video
  • More layers – up to 10 layers
  • Remove Watermark
  • Audio Library – make sure to check out the audio library – especially, if you are making a toon video – you will love this a lot. There are many cool audio FX you can add and make the video better
  • Customized onion settings
  • Remove Ads

Is It Beginner-Friendly? Can You Make Pro-Style Animated Videos?

Well, yes! But there is a catch. You need to learn about all the tools first and master it. In the beginning, you might not be able to create a pro-style animation video. But that's not the app's fault – it has all the essential functions of making an animated video on mobile. So we would recommend you to go to YouTube and check FlipaClip tutorials. Also, practice a lot.

Shall You Go For The Premium Feature?

We would recommend you to try the free features first and get familiar with all the functions it has. Also, keep making/practicing the animated videos until you become an expert. After that, go for the premium features. We would not recommend you to just download the app and buy all the premium functions. First, get used to the app functions and create some videos. And, when you are all set, try the premium functions based on the need.

FlipaClip App Review: –

We would rate it 5/5. It's a great app for making animated videos on mobile. You get all the basic functions for free. It has a clean UI, amazing functions, easy to use, and probably the only best app on Android and iOS for making animated videos.

So this would be all in this post on FlipaClip App Review. What's your take on it? Comment below!

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