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JioTV App is the most popular TV app in India that lets you watch & stream live TV shows and provide catch up the content of up to 7 daysJioTV App

JioTV App by Reliance Corporate IT Park Limited is available on Android and iOS platforms for free to download. Although, only those who have Jio Number can get access to the app's content. Unlike other Entertainment apps, the JioTV app is quite user-friendly, has clean UI, and no other app can compete with it when it comes to the content. JioTV app offers quality content for free to its users. The user needs to login to the app if his/her phone does not have the Jio SIM Card.

If your phone has a Jio SIM card, then you can click Skip Sign In button. Other options include entering the username and password. Your username is the Jio Number and password can be generated by tapping the forget password button. This will send an OTP to your Jio Number and then you will need to enter it in the box so that you can reset the password. Then login with the username and newly created password.

Additionally, the login screen has a second tab called OTP – enter your number there and follow the on-screen instruction. Let's learn more about the JioTV App.

JioTV App Guide & Tips: –

JioTV App works on mobile networks as well as on Wi-Fi. All you need to do is log in to the app with valid Jio ID – Jio Number. This helps you run the JioTV app on PC. The user can install Android Emulator on their Windows PC. We recommend using Bluestacks. After installing Bluestacks, the user needs to go to the Play Store and install the JioTV app. Once that is done, you will need to log in to the app with a valid Jio ID. Use Jio Number/OT method or log in with username and password.

So that would be all about getting into the Jio TV app with or without SIM card in the phone. In simple words, you just need a Jio Number.

JioTV App's Content

JioTV App has over 680 TV Channels available in 16 Languages. Out of 682 channels, the JioTV app has around 152 HD channels. One of the best things is it has all genres content; from Business news to Sports, the JioTV app has got you covered. There are over 10 genres available; Business News, Devotional, Educational, Entertainment, Kids, Infotainment, Kids, Lifestyle, Music, Movies, News, and Sports.

The app has a separate tab for news, sports channels. Let's have a look at some JioTV app exciting features.

How To Mark Favorite Channels Or TV Shows In JioTV App?

The users can mark channels or TV shows and get them listed in the favorite tab. In the app, tap the heart icon -> if you don't have marked TV Channels or Shows, then it will show you a warning that displays this message – No favorite channels available with the current affairs. For this, you have to go to the channel or TV show that you want to be listed in the favorite tab.

So tap the channel – for example, colors, tap the favorite button next to the channel icon. JioTV App

To mark a specific episode, stream it first(when it comes live on the channel) and then tap the heart icon below the JioTV app player. After that, the app will display a message; X name Program has been added to the favorite list. Now on the main TV tab of the app, tap the heart icon below the serial slider -> there you can see the channels. Tap the menu button in the top-left corner of the app -> My Favourites. There you will see both Tv Shows and Tv Channels.

JioTV AppHow Does The JioTV App Recording Function Work?

First, the recording function is not like downloading a TV show's episode. It records the program on the cloud and you will need an internet connection to play it. And, secondly, you can not record all the TV shows or Channel's episode. For some TV Shows or Programs, this function is greyed/disabled.

Now, how does the recording function work? And, what's the use of this function?

On many occasions, this function can help you. For example – if your favorite program telecasts at 11:00 PM – but you go to sleep at 10:00 PM – then you can set that show for recording and watch it the next day easily by going to the recordings menu. Tap the TV program that is yet to be streaming -> JioTV app will show its banner -> tap the recording button to schedule recording.

For example – Kukkum Bhagya streams on 11:30 -> you can set it on the recording before 11:30 – JioTV App will record 11:30 to 12:00 PM program for you. After that, tap the menu button -> Recordings -> there you can access all the recordings.

It just lets you quickly access the episode from that menu for a specific schedule set by you. That's it.

How To Take Screenshot In JioTV App?

On the Android app or iOS app, you can not take a screenshot as it is restricted by the app. When you try to take it, you will get the message; Couldn't Save Screenshot.

And, there is only one way to take a screenshot in JioTV App: – install it on Bluestacks on PC and use the PrtScr button on the keyboard to take the screenshot. After that, go to the Paint app -> paste the screenshot -> crop or edit as you like and save it as JPEG.

How To Record In JioTV App With Recording App?

You will see the Black screen if you try to record the JioTV App Programs with a screen recorder app. Although, if you have JioTV on PC – On Bluestacks, then you can record the JioTV App's Content.

All you need to do is run the app in Bluestacks and then in Windows, use this command -> Windows button + Alt Key + R Key. This will start the Windows 10 inbuilt Screen Recorder and record the JioTV App Content running in Bluestacks. If you want us to create a separate guide on recording JioTV App Content, comment below.

How To Logout?

If you want to logout from the JioTV App, then tap the menu button in the top-left corner of the app -> go to settings -> logout. In the settings, you can switch to dark mode from light mode or from light mode to dark mode. Also, you can disable the auto-play on the home function from the same settings menu. Additionally, the app's language can be changed from the same menu.

So this would be all in this post on JioTV App. Now, let's review it!

JioTV App Review: –

Pros: –

  • Over 600 Channels
  • Easy to stream with clean UI
  • Fast
  • Variety of genres
  • Free Live TV
  • Catch-Ups

Cons: –

  • Only available to Jio Number Holders
  • No download function

We would rate it 4/5 stars.

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