Best Random Stranger Chat Apps For Android/iPhone 2020

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If you have no one known nearby to whom you can talk to, then why don't you start chatting with strangers? Read on for best random stranger chat apps for Android/iPhone

Hey guys! In today's post, I have shared the list of best random stranger chat apps available for free to download from Google Play Store and iOS App Store. These apps are different from social media chat apps such as WhatsApp, FB Messenger, etc. In these social media apps, you can only connect with friends if you have added them to the friend list. But the stranger chat app is different; here, you would be chatting with people all across the world; all the people you chat in these apps would be random strangers. If none of these apps help you, then here are some tips for me; what do you like? Cooking? Gaming? Decorating? Anime? All you need to do is search for these genres' forums on Google and join them. For example – search for cooking forums and you will find the people of the same interest right on the web. Now, let's not waste any time and read the main content.

Best Random Stranger Chat Apps For Android/iPhone: –

Following is the list of best random strangers chat apps for Android, iPhone iOS – in these apps, you will find the strangers with the matching interests; girls, boys, men, women –


Stranger Chat AppsTumile is the app that connects you with strangers all over the world. It's published by LiveChat Studio on Google Play Store. You can log in to this app with your Facebook ID or Google Play ID or Mobile Number. After that, you will need to pick the username and add some info; age, gender. That's it. The matching is super fast. All you do is swipe left and boom! You are matched with a stranger — girl or boy; you can select the gender before swiping. My experience was good with this app. It starts with the streaming chat – after that, it will show you that person in history and you can start texting conversation.


Stranger Chat AppsMICO is one of the best strangers chat apps for Android & iOS platforms. It matches you with random people – once you are matched with someone, it will take you to the in-chat room where you can chat with the stranger that just matched with you. You can do the text chat, voice chat – also, the stream. It also supports group chatting; you can do the chatting with a stranger group in real-time. If you are doing with the person that does not speak your language, a real-time translation feature is there for you. Whether you are a girl or boy, the MICO app is there to connect you with strangers!


Stranger Chat AppsAblo is a popular mobile app where you can meet strangers, chat with them and befriend them. You can log in with your Gmail ID. It will ask you for age and name stuff – to avoid spammy people. Once you are done with the profile set up, the main screen will open where you have to tap the globe button at the bottom-center and it will connect you with a stranger in a few seconds. That stranger could be a girl or boy. After the match is found, you can start texting. Speaking of my experience, my first few matches were from Ukrain, Portugal. It was good! The UI is clean, easy-to-text, real-time translation function helps a lot when talking to a stranger speaking a different language.

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So this would be all in this post on best stranger chat apps for Android, iPhone iOS. If you know more good stranger chat apps, let me know in the comment section below.

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