Yono Lite SBI App Guide – How To Use?

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This is a complete guide to Yono SBI App for Android and iOS. Read on to check out how to use Yono Lite SBI App and enjoy mobile net banking

SBI has two versions of Yono apps on Android and iOS – Yono SBI App and Yono Lite SBI App. Yono Lite SBI App is the best one in our opinion as it gives you all the mobile net banking features at your fingertips. If you are new to the app, then this Yono Lite SBI App guide will help you cover-up all the functions of the game. So let's not waste any time and head to the main content.

Yono Lite SBI App Login

Yono Lite SBI App

When you open the app, it asks you to register with a username and password. The majority of users click the link highlighted in the above picture at this step – but it would not let you enter the app. Whether you already have a username or not, you must register once.

So after you open the app, In the registration tab, enter the User Name and Password.

Which User Name and Password? You have to use the same username and password that you use in the SBI online banking. 

User Name And Password For Yono Lite SBI App

User Name and Password is necessary to log in to the app. How to get? SBI gives you a temporary User ID when you fill the Internet Banking Form. You have to go to the branch and ask for the internet banking form. It is also available on the SBI website. Fill the form and submit it. Nowadays, for new accounts, they ask whether you want to enroll in internet banking or not. 

After submitting the form, SBI will send you a temporary USER ID to the mobile number registered or associated with your bank account. Using this temporary USER ID, you can activate the User Name and Password that you can use in the App.

  • Go To Retail Online SBI Website in mobile browser
  • Click on New User? Register here/Activate link below the login button
  • Tap the OK button to confirm(Allow Pop-up if asked)
  • On the next screen, from the drop-down menu, choose Activation of User name button

The drop-down button has two options; New User Registration and Activation of Username. You have to select Activation of Username option and then hit the orange color next button.

On the next screen, you have to enter a temporary Username ID that SBI sent you in an SMS. CIF Number – It is on your passbook. Date of Birth – enter the details. Enter Captcha and hit the submit button.

Use the same login credentials to log in to the app. If you don't remember or have forgotten the login password, you can reset it with the ATM card or visit the branch.

Activation Code

After entering the user name and password. Hit the submit button and accept the T&C. After that, SBI will send you an activation code on the mobile number registered or associated or linked with your SBI Account. Enter the activation code in the box.

Easy PIN

Easy PIN is like the app's custom password. After activating the user name with Activation Code in the App, you can set up the Easy PIN. When you restart the app, you can use this Easy PIN to log in to the Yono Lite SBI App.

Reset Easy PIN In Yono Lite SBI App

Forgot Easy PIN? All you need to do is re-install the app. This will reset the old Easy PIN. But you will have to login again with the username and password.

If you know the current Easy PIN and want to change, open the app -> tap the hamburger menu button in the upper-left corner of the app -> tap manage easy PIN -> there you can change/reset app Login PIN.

Block Debit Card In Yono Lite SBI App

Open the app and tap on the services option. On the next screen, tap Debit Card Hotlisting. Select the account number and then debit card that you want to block.

Activate International Usage Of Debit Card

For recurring payment or if you want to set up a debit card in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store or Paypal, you must activate the international usage of the debit card. Keep in mind that only SBI Global VISA or Mastercard or Platinum are good for international payments.

Open the app -> services -> manage debit card -> select account number and debit card -> there you can activate international usage – also, change the ATM card limit.

Leave the comment below if you want any help from use regarding Yono Lite SBI App. For a better view, exit the reader view by clicking the link in the top-right corner.

Use Of Yono Lite SBI App

  • Account Info – it gives you mini-statement, mPassbook like feature
  • Fund – you can transfer money from SBI account to another bank accounts
  • Top-Ups – mobile recharge, DTH recharge, SBI Cards recharge
  • Manage debit cards

So this would be all in this post on Yono Lite SBI App.

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