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Looking for apps similar to Parallel Space on Android/iPhone iOS? Read on for best apps like Parallel Space for Android/iOS iPhone

Parallel Space is one of the popular apps for Android, available on Google Play Store for free that help you run multiple accounts of the same app in parallel worlds. These apps create a parallel world within their interface and let you duplicate the original apps installed on your mobile device. In this post, I have shared the list of best apps like the Parallel Space app. So without any further ado, navigate to the main content.

Best Apps Like Parallel Space App For Android/iOS: –

Following is the list of best apps like Parallel Space app for Android/iPhone iOS –

Parallel App For iPhone

If you are on iPhone, then I have bad news for you. There is not a single app like Parallel Space of iPhone/iOS. iOS ecosystem is different from Android and it does not allow iOS users to create clones of apps like Parallel Space app. There are some apps like Dual Space Lite, Dual Accounts Multi Space app, but they don't work like Parallel Space – instead of making a clone, these apps use the web version. If you want to dual WhatsApp, then install Dual Messenger of WhatsApp WA – it loads the web version and lets you scan the QR code that helps you use dual WhatsApp accounts.

If you are looking for an iPhone app that clone games or other apps, then there is no one. As I said above, the iOS ecosystem does not allow developers to create an app like Parallel Space. So you would not find any app like Parallel Space on iPhone/iOS App Store. But if you are on Android, then you have a ton of alternatives – I have listed the best ones below.

Super Clone For Parallel World

Apps Like Parallel Space Android iPhone iOSSuper Clone is one of the best apps like Parallel Space that helps you duplicate the apps in no time. It supports 32bit apps and 64bit apps. For 64bit apps, you will need to install the 64bit super clone support app. It's a light size app with easy-to-use functions and it works smoothly – depends on the app or game you are trying to run. For high-end apps/games, it might cause some trouble if you are using a low-end device. If you want to duplicate apps like Parallel Space does the job, then the Super Clone app is what you need.

Parallel Dual Space

Dual Space is another great alternative to Parallel Space. This app has simple UI from where you can create the duplicate of apps installed on mobile devices; it's quick, smooth, and work flawlessly. Although, I had some trouble while duplicating the games I wanted to run with alternative accounts. So I think this app would be good for those who want to duplicate the apps, not games.

Multi Parallel

Apps Like Parallel Space Android iPhone iOSMulti Parallel app by Winterfell Applab does the job that the Parallel Space app does for you. Like the Parallel Space app, with Multi Parallel App, you get to create and run multiple accounts for social media apps and games. It also has a clean UI, comes with a light size package and a great alternative to Parallel Space.

DO Infinite Parallel Clone App

Apps Like Parallel Space Android iPhone iOSDO Multiple Accounts – Infinite Parallel Clone App by River Stone Tech has the mastery in cloning apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, LINE, games. With this app, you get the same services provided by the Parallel Space app. For instance, privacy for the apps function lets you set the password for the crafted cloned apps. I have heard some data reset issues with this app – some users were reporting that they lose their saved data in this app. So I would recommend using this app only if you want to clone an app for a temporary period.

So that would be all in this post on the best apps like parallel space for Android. For iOS, there is no app like Parallel Space – Parallel Space is not even on iOS App Store – thanks to the iOS ecosystem. If you know more apps, please comment below. I would consider listing them here if they meet the criteria.

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