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App Hider is a great app available on Android, published by the developer with the name of Hide Apps(No Root). Does this app work as it is described?

App HiderApp Hider is one of the most downloaded apps on Google Play Store – with over 10 million downloads since the release. The developers release this app on September 29, 2017, and with the regular updates, it has become the first choice when it comes to hiding apps, photos, clone apps, and other stuff. In today's post, we are gonna review App Hider App.

App Hider App Review

The main features of this app are hiding the apps, clone apps, hide photos. Also, to boost the protection, you can change the icon of this app to the calculator so that other people would consider it as a calculator app.

In our review, we found that there is a condition for hiding apps. Other than that, the App Hider app works flawlessly. And, that condition is deleting the original app from the device.

For example – if you want to hide Instagram or WhatsApp or Facebook app from the home screen, you will open the app, choose to hide the apps(Insta or Whatsapp or Facebook or other) and import it to this app. And, then uninstall the app from the home screen.

The original version which is on the phone will be imported to this app and should be uninstalled from the home screen. So the first step would be creating the instance of the app that you want to hide. And, then delete the app from the phone.

This is risky if you have saved data in the original app as it does not transfer the saved data while importing the app to itself. So it does not hide the apps – instead, it creates the instance of the original app within itself like parallel space or dual apps function and then it asks you to delete the app from home screen and access from this app's dashboard.

Not Suitable For Games

In our review, we found its clone apps function does not work well with the high-end games. We experienced a few crashes.


This app is monetized with ads and IAPs. If you have an active internet connection, this app is gonna show you ads now and then.

We would rate it 4/5 stars.

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