Discovery Plus App Review – Is The Premium Worth The Cost?

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Discovery Plus app is published by Discover Communication India for Android & iOS. Read on for the Discovery Plus app review – is the premium worth the cost?

Discovery Plus App ReviewDiscovery Plus in the awesome app for mobile, designed especially for Indian audience – allowing them to watch the discovery channel TV shows on mobile. The app features the content of multiple channels including the Discovery channel itself and other channels include Discovery Science, Animal Planet, TLC, and Discovery Turbo. Being an Indian and TV show lover, I got excited when I heard about this app and gave it a try. In today's post, I will share my Discovery Plus App review with all of you. So let's not waste any time and head to the main content.

Discovery Plus App

The Discovery Plus app is available for free to download from Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Although, its content is freemium – meaning, you will have to pay real money for some of its content, while some content is free. Discovery Plus app offers monthly subscription and annual subscription. Its annual plan costs 299 INR and the monthly plan is quite expensive as compared to the annual plan – the monthly plan costs 99 INR. Let's check out the content it provides.


As I mentioned above, you will be able to enjoy the TV shows, videos, documentaries published on Discovery media platforms; Animal Planet, Discovery Science, Discovery Chanel, TLC, and Discovery Turbo. All these channels offer content related to adventure, animals, auto, lifestyle, Science, and food. Download the app and you can check all the content manually. Popular shows like Man vs Wild, Stephen Hawking's Grand Design, How the Universe Works, Gold Rush, etc. are available in the app.


Discovery Plus app videos are available in multiple languages; Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, and Malayalam. Keep in mind that not all the videos offer multiple languages – there are some videos/shows that are only available in English.

Streaming Quality

There are three types of streaming quality settings available in the app that you can adjust according to the internet speed or view; Best, Better, and Good.


Other than the main content, the app has two separate menus; shorts – this is where you can enjoy short videos in different categories; Adventure, Food, Science, Animals. Another one is MindBlown – this section features videos related to Underwater Adventures, Science, Moon, Food Industry, etc.

Voucher Code

If you are wondering what is voucher code, then here's brief info – Voucher codes can give you a discount on the app's premium services. You can get the voucher codes from the official Facebook Page of Discovery Plus or they might do a partnership with some coupon websites. You may search on Google for Discovery Plus voucher codes. Since the app is new, I think there is no voucher code available yet.

My Review

This app is not for everyone. The app targets the audience who love watching the content related to Science, adventure, animals, etc. Speaking of the Food category, I don't think it adds any premium value to the app as you can watch a ton of videos on Food on free apps like YouTube. Also, the lifestyle-related content is not "great". Other than than, adventure/animals/Science related content is pretty good. I would recommend getting the premium membership if you love content related to these categories. Before you buy the premium, check the content that suits you. How many stars for this app? 3/5 Stars.

  • It would be great if they add Chromecast or Android TV support
  • Offline videos option is not available. They should add the download function so that viewers can watch the video offline.

So I would rate this app 3/5 stars.

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So this would be all in this post on Discovery Plus app review.

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